S2-E45.2 – Discussing Non-Invasive Testing and the Patient Experience with Wayne Eskridge.

Fatty Liver Foundation President Wayne Eskridge joins Louise Campbell and Roger Green to discuss why he is so enthusiastic about the FDA's recent approval of the ELF test as a prognostic test for cirrhosis.

To Fatty Liver Foundation President Wayne Eskridge, FDA’s recent approval of Siemens’s ELF test as prognostic for cirrhosis is only the first step in the process of placing non-invasive tests (NITs) at the heart of all Fatty Liver Disease diagnosis, classification and staging. Wayne and Louise Campbell agree that more widespread use of NITs will make tests and their results accessible not only to patients but also their front-line primary care physicians. To Wayne, this improves patient experience, journey and behavior dramatically. To Louise, it makes her mantra of “If in doubt, rule it out” a realistic strategy for including liver as part of a broad evaluation of patients with non-communicable metabolic diseases.

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