S2-E45.1 – Discussing Fatty Liver Disease Prevalence And Patient Awareness With Anthony Villiotti

NASH kNOWledge President Anthony Villiotti joins Louise Campbell and Roger Green to highlight two recent publications about NAFLD/NASH prevalence (underestimated!) and patient awareness (miniscule!) and what that portends for the future.

To NASH kNOWledge President Anthony Villiotti, two recent publications reveal that conventional estimates of NAFLD and NASH prevalence in the US may be as much as 50% too low and, simultaneously, that very few patients are aware they have the disease or what it means for their long-term prognosis. Tony and Louise Campbell agree on the importance of educating children starting in their early years of schooling. Tony also comments on his belief in grass-roots educating and hopes that as the COVID-19 pandemic abates, he will have more opportunities to do so. Louise talks about the need to educate/motiave primary care practitioners and related specialists to test more frequently and learn about the role the liver plays in non-communicable metabolic diseases they treat more frequently.

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