S2-E44.3 – COVID-19 And Fatty Liver: Areas for Confusion and Policy Discord

Donna Cryer joins the Surfers to discuss how the COVID-19 Delta Variant is affecting Fatty Liver Disease in 2021. This conversation focuses on vaccine confusion (taking the flu vaccine, the meaning of full approval) and the importance of global COVID-19 vaccine equity and policies that support it.

This conversation has several moments of debate, one around the likely strength of flu season in the US and another around how strong the impact of Pfizer/BioNTech’s full FDA impact is likely to be in the US. On the flu discussion, Stephen Harrison follows up Donna Cryer’s advocacy for all patients to take the flu vaccine by suggesting that the US will have a light flu season this year. The group goes on to debate how much of an impact full vaccine approval is likely to have in the US and what will drive the increase in vaccinations that do occur. Finally, Donna Cryer and Roger Green discuss the case for vaccine equity, with both panelists noting that the larger portion of the cost of vaccinating countries with large, underdeveloped rural populations will lie in creating the distribution systems necessary to get treatment to patients, NOT in manufacturing the vaccine.

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