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S2-E44.2 – COVID-19 And Fatty Liver — Lessons from Immunocompromised Patients and Other Countries

Donna Cryer joins the Surfers to discuss how the COVID-19 Delta Variant is affecting Fatty Liver Disease in 2021. This discussion focuses on the case for post-jab immunologic testing for compromised patients and goes on to explore what the US can learn from the UK's experience with the COVID-19 vaccine.

Donna Cryer starts this episode by discussing the vital importance of conducting post-vaccine immunologic testing in immunocompromised and liver transplant patients. As Stephen Harrison asking questions, Donna makes the discussion particularly powerful by sharing her own experience (zero immune response from her first two doses) and some of the emotional issues she experienced when thinking about testing. After this discussion, Louise Campbell discusses the UK vaccination program to date and lessons the US can learn from it.

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