COVID-19 And Fatty Liver — How Immunocompromised and Transplant Patients Became A Priority for Booster Doses

S2-E44.1 – COVID-19 And Fatty Liver — How Immunocompromised and Transplant Patients Became A Priority for Booster Doses

Donna Cryer joins the Surfers to discuss how the COVID-19 Delta Variant is affecting Fatty Liver Disease in 2021. This discussion focuses on the process of moving immunocompromised and transplant patients to the front of the booster dose queue.

After Roger Green sets the preamble for this discussion of COVID-19 Delta variant and Fatty Liver Disease, Donna Cryer kicks the discussion off by discussing how immunocompromised and liver transplant patients, who had low priority for the initial COVID-19 vaccines, moved to the front of the line for the booster doses. This is a story of communication, collaboration and just plain hard work to make certain that the data necessary to make this case was completed and communicated properly. At the end of the conversation, Stephen Harrison discusses an article from Raj Reddy in the Journal of Viral Hepatitis that makes many similar points about what we have learned about the liver (with some special focus on Fatty Liver Disease) during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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