S2-E43 – Can Cirrhosis Drive Drug Development In NASH?

S2-E43 - Can Cirrhosis Drive Drug Development In NASH?
Jörn Schattenberg joins the Surfers to discuss drug development in cirrhosis, which evolves into a discussion about how to drive NITs forward.

Historically, NASH drug development strategy has started in advanced fibrosis with the goal of progressing to cirrhosis next. This episode suggests an entirely different approach.

The episode starts by discussing the complexities of treating cirrhosis and evolves into a discussion on why compensated cirrhosis might be the BEST place to achieve fast, successful drug development today.

Key moments include:

10:12 – Why discuss cirrhosis?

11:40 – Challenges in cirrhosis treatment and drug development

13:08 – A changing viewpoint on cirrhosis as drug development target

17:24 – NASH and cirrhosis disease progression

20:10 – Diagnosing and stratifying cirrhosis patients

24:20 – NITs might make cirrhosis a better drug development target than F2/3

30:06 – Building momentum to reconsider NASH and cirrhosis drug development

33:47 – Identifying the conceptual road block in the move toward NITs in cirrhosis

39:09 – Formulating a plan of action to strengthen cirrhosis drug development and treatment

40:53 – A “disruptive technology” to pool clinical trial results

44:28 – The challenge: pushing cirrhosis treatment and drug development forward

50:09 – Business section