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S2-E42.1 – FGF Drugs in Development – A Promising Class of Agents

Professor Arun Sanyal and Stephen Harrison provide a 40-minute briefing on fibroblast growth factor (FGF) agents and why they are so important to the future of NASH and NAFLD therapy. This conversation focuses on FGF drug development to date.

After a simple opening from Roger Green, this conversation about FGF drugs in Development includes 4 key elements:

1:05 – Roger Green discusses recent history of FGF agents and podcast episodes discussing them
2:11 – Stephen Harrison discusses the efruxifermin BALANCED Phase 2a trial in F2/F3 NASH and Cohort C with cirrhosis patients
6:59 – Arun Sanyal and Stephen Harrison discuss future prospects for FGF-21 agents
10:34 – Arun Sanyal discusses specific receptor targets for different FGF agents and why they matter

This episode has specific discussions of efruxifermin and mentions of pegbelfermin and MK-3655, the former NGM-313.

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