S2-E41 – Preparing for the NASH Epidemic: Behind a Multidisciplinary Call to Action

S2-E41 - Preparing for the NASH Epidemic: Behind a Multidisciplinary Call to Action
Co-authors Ken Cusi and Stephen Harrison discuss the multidisciplinary call to action regarding the coming NASH Epidemic, how the first paper came to be and what lies behind it, while NASH kNOWledge President Anthony Villiotti, Global Liver Institute Director of Global Policy Andrew Scott and Roger Green share their unique personal perspectives on the need for diverse health professionals to align against Fatty Liver disease.

The first part of this episode addresses the history and key contents of the recent paper, “Preparing for the NASH Epidemic: A Call to Action,” in press or appearing in several major journals:

8:53 – Ken Cusi discusses the genesis and goals of the multi-disciplinary NASH initiative, which organizations participated and the questionnaire that lies at the heart of the paper. Stephen Harrison elaborates on goals and Tony Villiotti shares his perspective as a cirrhosis patient who underwent liver transplant

13:34 – Stephen Harrison discusses the recent prevalence paper suggesting that current population estimates of NASH and NAFLD may be understated. Ken Cusi agrees.

16:29 – CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS: Stephen Harrison discusses the dual needs for an approved drug and a consensus approach. Roger Green mentions the need to distribute care so that hepatologists are neither triage nor point of entry for NAFLD patients. Ken Cusi uses data from the 751-person survey to demonstrate how low NASH awareness is even among specialists (notably endocrinologists) and reaffirms the need for a therapy.

23:08 – Stephen Harrison shifts the discussion to focus on promising signs for the future, including integration of key stakeholders’ discussions and efforts, the ability to identify and create care metrics and the importance of story-telling in making a persuasive case to power centers ranging from medical organizations to Capitol Hill.

31:37 – Discussion shifts to similarities and differences between treating diabetes and NAFLD and the role of the endocrinologist in each. Ken Cusi and Andrew Scott discuss why they believe diabetes is a good model for developing knowledge and treatment protocols. The group discusses ways that endocrinology might be fertile territory and, at the same time, will require significant professional education and increases in awareness.

40:03 – Tony Villiotti return to the importance of story-telling and personal experiences as powerful motivating tools.

41:51 – The group concludes by considering the tipping points and behavior changes we can drive today, before the first drug comes to market.

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