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S2-E41.4 – Reasons To Believe That a Multidisciplinary Fight Against NASH Will Bring Value

Co-authors Ken Cusi and Stephen Harrison discuss reasons to be optimistic and activist about the multidisciplinary call to action regarding the coming NASH Epidemic.

NASH kNOWledge President Anthony Villiotti, Global Liver Institute Director of Global Policy Andrew Scott and Roger Green share their unique personal perspectives and Louise Campbell comments separately. This conversation starts with Stephen Harrison suggesting messages for the government and Roger Green and Andrew Scott considering new opportunities to create metrics and benchmarks to measure success. All this relates to the effort in bring gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, hepatologists and primary care physicians together to fight what they describe as the coming NASH Epidemic. Paper co-authors Ken Cusi and Patient Advocates Tony VIlliotti and Louise Campbell share their own views (Louise’s statement were extracted from a separate interview).

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