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S2-E41.1 – SPECIAL FEATURE: Interview with Louise Campbell

Roger Green and Louise Campbell discuss some of the key elements of the "Preparing for the NASH Epidemic - a Call to Action" paper itself along with the discussion during Surfing NASH Episode 41.

Louise focuses on several of her professional passions and key beliefs: the importance of affiliated health professionals (Nurses, Dieticians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants) in providing care for non-communicable diseases; the vital need to empower patients, the value of focusing on wellness before the patient experiences disease. A couple of key moments:

1:52 – Louise discusses what she considers the most compelling benefits of the paper: collaboration between multiple specialties

3:35 – Louise notes that while the paper sought multiple stakeholders, all those stakeholders were physicians. No nurses, no dieticians, no affiliated health professionals, no patients.

6:43 – Louise amplifies this point by discussing the quantity and quality of information patients will share with a nurse as compared to a doctor.

11:03 – Louise suggests we take the “patient, ask your doctor” model and “flip it on its head.” Public information and consumer-accessible medical technologies provide the tools for patients to manage their own wellness in ways they could not have only 10 or 15 years ago.

18:18 – Louise points out how Stephen Harrison has applied his KISS rule (“Keep It Simple, Stupid”) to how we approach patient screening and triage.

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