S2-E40 – Discussing Comprehensive Care Models For NAFLD

Lead author Jeffrey Lazarus and co-author Jörn Schattenberg join the Surfers to discuss their recent paper, "Defining Comprehensive Models of Care for NAFLD." In this vitally important paper, the authors researched care models around the world to find the ones that work best, and then developed eight foundational recommendations for co-ordinated NAFLD care centers.

Jeff Lazarus brings a career of experience in analyzing and building health systems and, separately, in viral hepatitis and HIV to exploring the challenges of the upcoming NAFLD epidemic. He invited Jörn Schattenberg, among others, to serve as the team for this project. Jeff and Jörn discuss what a systems approach to NAFLD care looks like and what each of them learned along the way. Stephen Harrison, Louise Campbell and Roger Green each brig their unique perspectives about the practice of hepatology, issues of NAFLD and general systems theory to a stimulating discussion with an array of issues and answers.

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