S2-E39.2 – 20K Celebration Interviews With Stephen Harrison and Naim Alkhouri

This week's celebration podcast featured interviews including seven of our favorite Surfers. In this week's conversations, we are publishing the interviews in full. Second up: Stephen Harrison and Naim Alkhouri

Louise Campbell and Roger Green interview SurfingNASH co-founder Stephen Harrison and Naim Alkhouri, who Roger describes in this conversation as an “idea fountain.” Stephen shares his delight at how this podcast has exceeded his initial expectations, dishes on why the chemistry between the three main Surfers works so well, and tosses out hints for the future. Naim suggests new ideas for programming while telling about the constituency that finds his podcast appearance to be “cool” (HINT: they are little people who live in his house). Amidst the serious content, there are loads of laughs…or maybe it is the other way around. In any case, enjoy!

TOPICS: AASLD, Akero Therapeutics, Diabetes, DrugTrial, EASL, FDA, Global Liver Institute, NAFLD, NASH, NASH-TAG-2021, non-invasive liver testing, Tawazun Health, TrialDesign, Year In Review, Summit Clinical Research, Arizona Liver Health Institute, oud, HEP Dynamics,

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