S2-E38.2 – Building a Culture That Encourages Patient Participation

Global Liver Institute Founder and CEO Donna Cryer hosts Medidata Vice President Alicia Staley, knowRx co-fonder and Chief Medical Officer Dr. James Powell and Global Liver Institute Director of NASH programs Jeff McIntyre in an eye-opening discussion about what it takes to recruit diverse patients into clinical trials.

In this conversation, the group discusses the importance of building a culture within the patient community that encourages curiosity and interaction by providing sources of information and openness. Listen as these opinion leaders and experts in encouraging broad patient participation describe the principles that underlie their actions.

TOPICS: Diagnostic Tests, DrugTrial, Global Liver Institute, NAFLD, NASH, Patient Advocacy, population screening, TrialDesign, Medidata, knowRx, patient focused drug development, patient empowerment, GLI Advanced Advocacy Academy

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