S2-E37 – Why The NASH Market Is Different From Statins

Jörn Schattenberg and Michelle Long join the Surfers to discuss similarities and differences between the NASH and hypercholesterolemia markets.

The group covers several important topics very quickly, with focus on pre-launch market development, testing metrics and why it matters which companies are coming to market first. One similarity: in the absence of approved medications, disease treatment rests heavily on improving healthy lifestyles, which is a challenging target no matter the disease

TOPICS: Diabetes, EchoSens, FibroScan, MRI-PDFF, NAFLD, NASH, Novo Nordisk, Testing, Hypercholesterolemia, pleiotropic effects, metabolic syndrome, statins, GLP-1s, MRE, statins, SGLT-2s, patient screening, patient subgroups

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