S2-E37.3 – Spreading The NASH Message Throughout The Broader Community Of Healthcare Practitioners

Jörn Schattenberg and Michelle Long join the Surfers to discuss similarities and differences between the NASH and hypercholesterolemia markets. This conversation focuses on the challenges in communicating the importance of NASH to medical specialties other than hepatology and gastroenterology.

It has been common for industry advocates and financial analysts to discuss the potential for the NASH/NAFLD drug market in comparison to the statin market, but this overlooks differences in the conditions they treat (NASH vs. hypercholesterolemia), the diagnostics available and the health economic environment.

One key difference is that the concept of hypercholesterolemia was straightforward to explain to primary care and the other specialties whose patients exhibited diseases caused by dyslipidemia. This conversation discusses why this kind of communication and education is more challenging in NASH, and also identifies several surprising specialties as important targets for NASH information.

TOPICS: Diabetes, Global Liver Institute, NAFLD, NASH, non-invasive liver testing, Hypercholesterolemia, statins, biomarkers, glycemic control, outcomes, pleiotropic effects, metabolic diseases, LITMUS, NIMBLE, podiatry, outcomes

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