S2-E37.1 – Key Reasons the NASH Drug Market Will Evolve Differently From Statins

Jörn Schattenberg and Michelle Long join the Surfers to discuss similarities and differences between the NASH and hypercholesterolemia markets. In this conversation, each panelist identifies one significant reason the NASH market will develop differently than statins did.

It has been common for industry advocates and financial analysts to discuss the potential for the NASH/NAFLD drug market in comparison to the statin market, but this overlooks differences in the conditions they treat (NASH vs. hypercholesterolemia), the diagnostics available and the health economic environment.

In this conversation, Roger Green lays out several possible issues, after which panelists Jörn Schattenberg, Stephen Harrison, Michelle Long and Louise Campbell each discuss one difference they consider particularly important. Not surprisingly, answers and perspectives differ between panelists, but all agree that this is a more complex situation than existed with cholesterol 25 years ago.

TOPICS: Diabetes, NAFLD, NASH, non-invasive liver testing, Hypercholesterolemia, statins, biomarkers, glycemic control, outcomes, pleiotropic effects, metabolic diseases,

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