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S2-E36.3 – From the #ILC2021 Wrap-up: Focus on Care Pathways and Treatment Roles

Quentin Anstee, Louise Campbell, Stephen Harrison, Mazen Noureddin, Ian Rowe and Roger Green convene to review #ILC2021 and share key takeaways and insights. This conversation covers issues around care pathways and treatment roles as NASH becomes recognized as a multidisciplinary health challenge.

The conversation started with a discussion of the attention paid to multi-disciplinary treatment in the #ILC2021 program and evolved into a look at the roles that primary care and different specialties might play in diagnosis, treatment and patient management. While the discussion opened some important topics, it also made clear how much more thinking, planning and educating the Fatty Liver community will need to do if NAFLD and NASH are to receive their proper attention.

TOPICS: EchoSens, FibroScan, NAFLD, NASH, population screening, social policy, Multi-disciplinary care, ILC2021, endocrinology, primary care, care pathways, Lazarus et al. paper, population studies, population management programs, gastroenterology, risk stratification

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