S2-E36.1 – From the #ILC2021 Wrap-up: Focus on Diagnostics

Quentin Anstee, Louise Campbell, Stephen Harrison, Mazen Noureddin, Ian Rowe and Roger Green convene to review #ILC2021 and share key takeaways and insights. This conversation covers issues around diagnostics.

The conversation covered several issues relating to use and interpretation of non-invasive testing. Two issues addressed use on NITs in diagnostics and, separately, drug development. A third considered how to develop and support end points generated around non-invasive tests instead of biopsy. In the process, the group discussed the shortcomings of biopsy as a gold standard as well as the practical challenges that keep biopsy in its current place in the hierarchy of test options.

TOPICS: cirrhosis, Diagnostic Tests, EASL, EchoSens, Elastography, FDA, FIB-4, FibroScan, Fibrosis Level 3, Fibrosis Level 4, Genfit, MRI-PDFF, NAFLD, NASH, non-invasive liver testing, Nordic Biosciences, Perspectum Diagnostics, population screening, Siemens Healthineers, Testing, TrialDesign, NIS-4, MRE, ELF, Pro-C3, cT(1), ILC2021

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