S2-E35 – #ILC2021 Day Four – Promising Times Ahead, Maybe With a Few More Bumps In the Road

Donna Cryer, Vlad Ratziu, Michael Charlton and Mazen Noureddin join Roger Green in reviewing the final day of #ILC 2021.

The conversation revolved around three themes: non-invasive tests as presented at the morning LITMUS session; two promising but incomplete drug trials for a new class of agents and a possible therapy for controlled cirrhotics, and the opportunities and challenges presented by digital meetings (with kudos to EASL for all the platform elements they strengthened from 2020.

TOPICS: AASLD, Akero Therapeutics, aldafermin, cirrhosis, EASL, EchoSens, efruxifermin, ELF, Fatty Liver, FGF-21, FIB-4, FibroScan, Fibrosis Level 3, Fibrosis Level 4, Gilead Sciences, Global Liver Institute, inventiva, lanifibranor, MRI-PDFF, NAFLD, NASH, Nordic Biosciences, Patient Advocacy, Phase3, population screening, Semaglutide, social policy, North Sea Therapeutics, icosabutate, ICONA trial, FAST test, MRE, food insecurity, Pro-C3

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