S2-E33 — ILC2021 Day Two: Learning About Patients Through Large Databases

Jörn Schattenberg, Naim Alkhouri, Dr. Michelle Long of Boston University and Livia Alimena of the Global Liver Institute join Roger to review highlights of Day Two at ILC2021.

Each panelist reviewed a favorite presentation of the day, most of which involved learning about the nature of disease through large population analysis. In the course of the discussion, the group discussed lean NASH, COVID-19, food insufficiency, AI and cohort analyses. What did these topics have in common? For one thing, it became clear that we are learning how to think differently about different groups of patients.

TOPICS: CMS, COVID-19, Diabetes, Diagnostic Tests, Digital Health, FibroScan, Global Liver Institute, Lean NASH, NAFLD, NASH, NHANES, non-invasive liver testing, Obesity, Patient-Reported Outcomes, social policy, Food insufficiency, metabolic syndrome, dyslipidemia

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