S2-E30.2 – The Global Liver Institute US NASH Action Plan – Common, Reliable Diagnostics Are Critical

Global Liver Institute Director of Global Policy Andrew Scott, Madrigal Pharmaceuticals Co-Founder and CMO Becky Taub, and Central Virginia VA Health Care System Chief of Hepatology and Gastroenterology Dr. Michael Fuchs discuss GLI's US NASH Action Plan and steps different stakeholders can take to support the Plan. In this conversation, the group discusses the need for common, reliable non-invasive diagnostic tests and education for providers on which tests they should rely on (HINT: not the ones most HCPs are using today!)

All six panelists discuss their own issues surrounding the need for common, reliable diagnostics and a simple way to explain them. Whether it is Becky Taub discussing liver enzyme levels in F2 and F3 patients in clinical trials, Michael Fuchs stating his belief that institutions need to focus more actively on NAFLD and NASH in their screening, or Louise Campbell and Stephen Harrison discussing why we will need better tests and clearer data and messages to motivate patients, all the Surfers agree that diagnostics and triage are key to improving Fatty Liver treatment.

This conversation is sponsored with a grant from Madrigal Pharmaceuticals. Madrigal Pharmaceuticals is leading the field of NASH therapeutic development with resmetirom, a thyroid receptor beta agonist with potential to address both the liver pathophysiology and fibrosis caused by NASH.

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