S2 E3 A Call to Action on MLK Day: Supporting Disadvantaged Minorities in Managing Liver Health

Donna Cryer joins the Surfers to explore efforts to support residents in disadvantaged minority communities in the US, UK and Australia in improving their Liver Health and awareness.

“The Band gets together again” as Donna Cryer joins Stephen, Louise and Roger to explore the state of Liver Health and Health Education in disadvantaged minority communities. In the first part of the episode, the group discusses how governmental action (or inaction) couple with community efforts to shape Liver Health initiatives in the US, UK and Australia. In the second part, the group discusses ways to galvanize education and testing activities around the Vaccine Centers that have sprung up in all three countries. If you want to help disadvantaged populations, and particularly racial or ethnic minorities, improve their own prognosis by improving Liver Health, THIS IS YOUR CALL TO ACTION!

”So I’m going to end this section, that I’m so grateful, Roger, for you invite me on to talk, but with a recommendation for reading a very good friend of mine, Daniel Dawes, who is Director of the Satcher Health Leadership Institute at Morehouse School of Medicine.

That’s after Dr. David Satcher. Daniel Dawes has written several books, but one is called The Political Determinants of Health.

And I would say that’s definitely recommended reading for anybody who truly wants to understand both the depths of this issue and try to be part of solutions to overcome these challenges.“ – Donna Cryer

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