S2-E27.1 – Previewing International NASH Day 2021 — Overview Of Events

Global Liver Institute President and CEO Donna Cryer joins the Surfers to discuss International NASH Day 2021. This conversation provides and overview of the day's event.

The 4th annual International NASH Day is a major global institution, with endorsements from WHO, EASL, AASLD, at least 14 medical societies, and organizations in at least 26 countries, and more than 100,000 people tuning in at some point during the day. In this conversation, Donna Cryer provides an overview of this year’s activities, which are far broader in scope than in previous years. Donna also answers questions from Louise Campbell and Roger Green that serves to demonstrate this event’s true global reach.

TOPICS: AASLD, Diabetes, Digital Health, EASL, education, Global Liver Institute, NAFLD, NASH, non-invasive liver testing, Obesity, Patient Advocacy, Pediatric NASH, population screening, social policy, World Health Organization, International NASH Day 2021

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