S2-E26.3 – How much will real-life NASH treatment decisions depend on the specialty of the prescriber?

Mazen Noureddin returns to discuss the roles different drugs and drug classes will play in NASH therapy after current Phase 2b and Phase 3 candidates have been approved. This conversation considers how the idea that front-line treaters will be PCPs might affect treatment patterns.

This conversation starts with Roger Green pointing out that most real-world patient treatment decisions will be made by front-line, primary care physicians. Stephen Harrison proposes one more application for the “KISS” rule and talks about the role of EHRs in driving long-term guideline development and adherence. Mazen Noureddin considers how order of market entry will affect guideline development and Roger Green discusses other chronic diseases and classes of medication to provide historic context. Like the other conversations from this episode, there is a lot here — a lot of thoughts, a lot of ideas, a lot of value.

TOPICS: Diagnostic Tests, Digital Health, EchoSens, Elastography, ELF, FibroScan, Fibrosis Level 3, Fibrosis Level 4, MRI-PDFF, NASH, non-invasive liver testing, Perspectum Diagnostics, Siemens Healthineers, Testing, backbone therapy, pleiotropic mechanisms, metabolic disease, cT1, de-escalating therapy, comorbidity management teams, electronic health records, EHR, combination therapy, wellness programs, Noo

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