S2-E24 – Fourth Global NASH Congress — Wrapping Up

The SurfingNASH coverage team from the Fourth Global NASH Congress convenes one more time to consider key takeaways from the Congress. Manal Abdelbalek, Naim Alkhouri, Ian Rowe, Suneil Hosmane, Louise Campbell and Roger Green all share high points, opportunities and lingering questions.

On April 28 and 29, 2021, over 175 Fatty Liver stakeholders from across the globe convened virtually for the Fourth Global NASH Congress, and Surfing the NASH Tsunami was there to hear each of 43 speakers and share highlights with our listeners. Now that the Congress has ended and everyone has had time to reflect, the coverage team convenes one more time to consider the implications of what we heard about diagnostics, drugs, non-pharmacological interventions and changing paradigms. This discussion includes controversy and probing questions, all with laughter and camaraderie.

TOPICS: Diagnostics, Drugs, Patients, Policy and Perspectives Tags: 89bio, AASLD, Akero Therapeutics, aldafermin, cirrhosis, COVID-19, Diabetes, Diagnostic Tests, DrugTrial, EASL, EchoSens, ELF, Fatty Liver, FGF-21, FIB-4, Gilead Sciences, NAFLD, NASH, non-invasive liver testing, Novo Nordisk, Obesity, Semaglutide, Siemens Healthineers,

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