S2-E24.3 – From The Fourth Global NASH Congress — How Diagnostics Will Evolve Over The Next Several Years

After having time to think, six of the panelists who covered sessions at the Fourth Global NASH Congress get together one more time to conisder key takeaways from the Congress. This conversation is organized around competing strategies for diagnostic testing as the NASH market evolves.

After hearing presentations from 43 speakers at the Fourth Global NASH Congress, the Surfing the NASH Tsunami team convenes one more time to debate how the diagnostics market will develop. With a profusion of options, physicians, payers and regulators will have decisions ahead. There is some disagreement on the year in which events will happen, but not on the basic pattern of market evolution.

TOPICS: cirrhosis, COVID-19, ELF, FIB-4, FibroScan, Genfit, Gilead Sciences, Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Madrigal, NAFLD, NASH, Siemens Healthineers, NIS-4, NASHnext, LabCorp,

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