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S2-E22 – Day Two At The 4th Global NASH Congress — Many New Drugs and Non-Pharmacologic Interventions

Naim Alkhouri, Ian Rowe and GenFit Global Diagnostics Leader Suneil Hosmane join the Surfers to review presentations from Day Two at the 4th Global NASH Congress.

On April 29, over 175 NASH stakeholders from across the globe will meet virtually to hear 20 presentations from leaders in academia and industry. SurfingNASH has selected 9 presentations to discuss in a session we will record right after the conference concludes. The speakers and their broad topic areas are:
Naim Alkhouri — novel anti-fibrotic drugs for advanced NASH and cirrhosis
Ian Rowe — Population Health Strategies for America’s Veterans with NAFLD
Suneil Hosmane — Diet and exercise therapies for Fatty Liver patients
Louise Campbell — Genomic and transcriptomic analysis of NAFLD; differences in knowledge between different physician groups
Roger Green — Novel anti-fibrotic drugs for advanced NASH

TOPICS: aldafermin, cirrhosis, FGF-21, Fibrosis Level 3, Fibrosis Level 4, Genfit, Madrigal, NAFLD, NASH, NGM Biopharmaceuticals, non-invasive liver testing, Hepion Pharmaceuticals, CRV431, FGF-19, Aramchol, Galmed, Galectin, Belapectin, Theratechnologies, tesamorelin, Accelerated Enrollment Solutions,

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