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S2-E18.2 – How Might We Treat Differently If We Knew Which Cirrhotic Patients Are Likely To Progress?

The group focuses on the patient treatment implications of being able to identify the patients who are at risk of rapid progression, particularly among those with compensated cirrhosis.

Louise Campbell and Alina Allen discuss the psychological and practical aspects of treating patients (particularly those with cirrhosis) who know they are at risk of imminent progression, while Roger Green asks whether this kind of predictive power might drive Compassionate Use trials for agents that have not been approved yet. The question, “Who will be the Larry Kramer of NASH?” comes into this discussion as well.

TOPICS: cirrhosis, Diagnostic Tests, Fibrosis Level 3, Fibrosis Level 4, Lean NASH, MRI-PDFF, NAFLD, NASH, non-invasive liver testing, TrialDesign, MR Elastography, Mayo Clinic, Resoundant

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