S2-E15 — Wrapping Up NASH-TAG 2021

S2-E15 — Wrapping Up NASH-TAG 2021
Surfing the NASH Tsunami closes the book on NASH-TAG 2021 by considering highlights and major themes of the conference. The conversation focuses on the dramatic increase in disease knowledge and drug development over the past year and highlights some specific papers and ideas. A thoughtful, energetic conclusion to a meeting that left much to think about and many reasons to be excited.

NASH-TAG 2021 co-director Vlad Ratziu and Global Liver Institute President/CEO Donna Cryer join the Surfers to review high points of the conference.

The discussion ranges from the reasons that NASH-TAG is so special to the implications of increasing disease knowledge.

Along the way, the group pays significant attention to the growing knowledge about non-invasive clinical testing, the value that an array of drugs with different modes of action are proceeding toward clinical success and eventually treatment of large numbers of patients.

In addition to adding to the substantive conversation, co-directors Vlad Ratziu and Stephen Harrison discuss how specific elements of conference design lend to integrated thinking and thoughtful analysis of complex phenomena.

This is a fitting wrap-up for a fantastic conference.