S2-E13 — NASH-TAG Session 3 Summary: Trial Designs of the Future and the Future of Diabetes Drugs in NASH

NASH-TAG Co-director Michael Charlton and Ian Rowe join Roger, Louise and Donna to review the morning that Michael himself identified as one of two highlight sessions of NASH-TAG 2021.

The Saturday morning session of NASH-TAG 2021 envisions a world of clinical trials without biopsies, considers implications of enrolling co-morbid and other challenging patients, ands winds up with a debate about the role of diabetes drugs in the future of NASH therapies. After the session, join SurfingNASH to sort out how what the data means, how the pieces fit together and what questions will require more exploration. If you send us any questions emerging from Session #3 or the podcast, we will review them in later NASH-TAG episodes and try to get feedback from those at the meeting.

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