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S2-E10 — Before NASH-TAG, conversations with Co-Directors

NASH-TAG Co-directors Vlad Ratziu and Michael Charlton talk with Roger Green about the upcoming conference, after which Roger discusses the SurfingNASH coverage plan for NASH-TAG.

If you listen to SurfingNASH, you already know exactly how Stephen Harrison feels about NASH-TAG and what lights him up about this year’s agenda. Now, listen as two other co-directors, Vlad Ratziu and Michael Charlton, discuss how the meeting started, what makes it special and what they are looking forward to most in this year’s event as they speak with Roger Green.

Afterwards, Roger announces the SurfingNASH coverage plan for NASH-TAG, includes dates and times, guests and basic focus. If you plan to attend virtual NASH-TAG, this episode will provide invaluable insight and information before you arrive.

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