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S2-5 - Key Insights from the American Diabetes Association 83rd Scientific Sessions

S2-5 – Key Insights from the American Diabetes Association 83rd Scientific Sessions

Ken Cusi and Roger Green are joined by family practice researcher and KOL Eric Johnson and diabetologist and primary care KOL Jay Shubrook in a discussion around exciting news emerging from the ADA 83rd Scientific Sessions meeting. Layering in practical takeaways, the group explores their impressions from the meeting, the utility of FIB-4 as a frontline screening tool, guidelines and recommendations, therapeutic options both now and in the imminent future, and lastly the new nomenclature rollout for Fatty Liver disease.

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Drug developers, investors, researchers, and corporate executives…

Every week, a global community of Fatty Liver Disease stakeholders comes together to explore the most important challenges in diagnosing, treating, and developing medications for patients with Fatty Liver Diseases.

Join hepatology researcher and Key Opinion Leader Dr. Stephen Harrison, liver wellness advocate Louise Campbell MSc AP., Forecasting and Pricing guru Roger Green, M.B.A., and their weekly guests as they discuss these issues from their own unique perspectives on the Surfing the NASH Tsunami podcast.

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S4-49.6 – Conversations from the Vault: NITs at TLM 2022

This Vault conversation stems from the wrap-up to TLM2022. In the episode, the panel (Jörn Schattenberg, William Alazawi, Naim Alkhouri, Laurent Castera, Ken Cusi, Wayne Eskridge and Roger Green) addresses several topics from the program. This one focuses largely on NITs.

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S4-E44.5 – From the Vault: Creating An Early Diagnosis NASH Decision Model

In this conversation, Ian Rowe describes the factors that motivated him and Richard Parker to build a decision model focusing on early NASH diagnosis. He identifies three data points demonstrating how severely NASH stakeholders need a better early diagnosis paradigm and then describes the five diagnostic strategies his model will test.

S4-E44.4 – How does MASH and MASLD differ in women compared to men?

This final conversation covers the other paper discussed in the episoe at large, a literature review looking at how MASH and MASLD might differ in women compared to men. Roberta starts by noting the gap in literature about gender differences in MASH studies, and that women appear represented in most clinical trials.

S4-E44.3 – Roberta Forlano on Different Challenges for Different Patient Populations

This conversation starts with Roger asking Roberta to describe the demographics of the population in the northwest London region where the study of interest was done. Roberta comments on the robust diversity of the population, after which Louise amplifies this point by noting the large number of Arabic and South Asian patients in the study population.

S4-E44.2 – Investigating False Negative Screening Rates

This conversation starts with your Jörn returning to a key point from Roberta’s paper around a 38% false negative rate for FIB-4 screening. Jörn notes that while this feels like a high rate for false negatives, it might not present as much of a diagnostic challenge if treaters repeat the screening every 2 to 3 years.

S4-E44 – Screening Strategies for Gender-Based SLD Challenges

In a recent SurfingNASH episode, Dr. Roberta Forlano, celebrated for her hepatology research and EASL Juan Rodes PhD Fellowship, delves into critical aspects of NAFLD, from screening strategies in primary care to non-invasive markers, alongside experts Jörn Schattenberg, Louise Campbell, and Roger Green. The discussions, centered on screening strategies for gender-specific SLD challenges, also showcase Roberta’s team’s notable contributions to the SLD Summit. A must-listen for those interested in advanced hepatology topics and research developments.

This is truly an excellent podcast…(verified review) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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This is truly an excellent podcast. Roger Green is joined by Akero Therapeutics' Kitty Yale, Manal Abdelmalek (Duke University), Naim Alkhouri (Arizona Liver Health) and Stephen Harrison from Pinnacle Clinical Research. They go through the FDA's recent webcast and dissect the meaning and directions laid out. Interesting points around histology remaining the surrogate for the evaluation of NASH and how we need to have a better way of quantifying NASH histology
FINALLY!(verified review) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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A podcast for the NASH community! So many relevant topics. There are guest speakers almost every week who contribute a new energy to each episode. Keep up the good work coming!
I learn without trying(verified review) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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The host and other speakers are engaging to listen to yet not too serious or noting. I find mysweldf learning without trying. Excellent to have this on while working at home or driving while running errands.
At Long Last!(verified review) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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We have sorely needed a podcast that allows clinicians and academics to focus own major issues in NASH and NAFLD. Their recent coverage of ILC was timely and incisive. I find myself discussing the episodes with colleagues and Twitter buddies.