Innovations in NAFLD Care

Information About Innovations in NAFLD Care Workshop

This series aims to bring together relevant stakeholders, leading healthcare professionals, and patient advocates to 1implement a multidisciplinary approach using comprehensive models of care for NAFLD. The growing burden of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) requires a concise effort involving multiple stakeholders to provide the best care for patients. The management of patients across different disease stages and the cascade of care, from prevention and diagnosis to treatment, should be outlined.

The first meeting in the series will be the Innovations in NAFLD Care Webinar 2022 taking place virtually on 19 January. This program includes great speakers and chairs such as:

  • Sven M. Francque, MD, PhD – Antwerp University Hospital / University of Antwerp, Belgium
  • Alina Allen, MD – Mayo Clinic Rochester, United States
  • Emmanuel Tsochatzis, MD, MSc, FEBTM, FRCP, PhD – Royal Free Hospital, United Kingdom

Virtual Webinar - 19 January 2022

Innovations in NAFLD Care Workshop

The registration fee is waived for the following participants: NGO Representatives, Advocates, Community Representatives, Policymakers/Government Representatives, and Healthcare Professionals.

Hybrid (in-person & virtual) Workshop - 6-7 May 2022

Innovations in NAFLD Care Workshop-HYBRID WORKSHOP