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Episode 42 – Policy 2: Credibility, convergence and the 2021 Global Liver Institute Action Plan

Donna Cryer and Global Liver Institute Director of Policy Andrew Scott return to discuss their 2021 US NASH Action Plan, garnering support for the new COVID-19 vaccines and the importance of aligning stakeholders with Stephen, Louise and Roger.

The Surfers end the year on an optimistic note by talking with sometime-surfer Donna Cryer and GLI Director of Policy Andrew Scott about GLI’s ambitious 2021 US NASH Action Plan, which should be released by the time you read this. The plan seeks to align all groups of key NASH stakeholders around common goals to provide appropriate diagnostics, therapy, and support for NAFLD and NASH. The panel also considers time discussing acceptance and rate of uptake for the COVID-19 vaccines and the nature of leadership in a complex situation like the one NASH faces throughout the world. An episode full of new information, different viewpoints, and positive energy to end what has been a truly challenging year.

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