Episode 41- Policy 1: The Liver Policy Agenda Has Experienced Surprising Success in the Last Four Years

Donna Cryer and Global Liver Institute Director of Policy Andrew Scott join Stephen, Louise and Roger to discuss the policy progress liver disease and NASH have made in the last four years.

This is the first of two epiodes discussing Public Policy questions that affect how stakeholders view NAFLD andNASH as a disease as well as the process by which related drugs and diagnostics are evaluated. Today’s episode addresses the many kinds of progress that liver policy has made in the past four years, ranging from a bipartisan NASH Act awaiting action in Congress to increasing alignment with other medical specialties and disease advocates to work together on NASH as part of a multi-system metabolic health platform. The theme was “convergence” — people and organizations coming together to consider the liver more broadly in the context of overall health.

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