Episode 38 – The Day After TLMdX 2020: Wrapping Up with The View from Across the Atlantic

Vlad Ratziu and Joern Schattenberg join the Surfers to wrap up our conversation about this year's AASLD meeting


Prof. Dr. Jörn M. Schattenberg and Vlad Ratziu join the Surfers for our wrap-up episode for TLMdX 2020. Joern focuses on a diabetes poster demonstrating the path of drug efficacy over a three-year period, while Vlad focuses on the successful Phase 2 trial of the pan-PPAR lanifibranor. The group also asks why placebo response varies so much between studies and whether the ratio of F2:F3 patients may be a factor. Finally, the Surfers focuses on what they consider the biggest lessons emerging from the meeting.