Episode 33 – Previewing The Digital Liver Meeting (TLMDx from AASLD): Part Two

Stephen Harrison, Roger Green and our guest Surfer, Dr. Manal Abdelmalek, identify pivotally important presentations and posters from The Digital Liver Meeting 2020

SurfingNASH continues our AASLD coverage by asking Stephen Harrison, Roger Green, and guest Surfer Dr. Manal Abdelmalek to identify and review abstracts they consider important or uniquely interesting. The abstracts they chose focus on exciting new agents, the emerging role of #artificialintelligence (AI) and machine learning inpatient diagnostics, and several issues surrounding lean NASH. AI-guided patient-level diagnostics? The story that emerges: a world where patients are diagnosed earlier and treated with agents that drive rapid response. Better liver health, better treatment of the entire range of metabolic non-communicable diseases…very intriguing!

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