Episode 32 – Previewing The Digital Liver Meeting (TLMDx from AASLD): Part One

Louise Campbell, Donna Cryer and Naim Alkhouri identify pivotally important presentations and posters from The Digital Liver Meeting 2020

SurfingNASH kicks off its AASLD coverage by announcing four of our seven KOL guest Surfers. One of them, Dr. Naim Alkhouri, participates via interview. Naim, Louise Campbell, and Donna Cryer identify abstracts they consider important or uniquely interesting.

The abstracts they chose focus on population health (particularly juvenile and pediatric NASH) and the link between NASH, obesity, metabolic factors, and death due to cancer. The issue of treating pediatric and adolescent NASH is tremendously challenging with issues involving diagnosis (are biopsies in children a good idea?), new agent testing (is the benefit ration for clinical trials in adolescents and pediatrics worth the risk?), and social education (how and what do we teach families)?

An important and thoughtful episode for healthcare providers as well as anyone interested in public health or forecasting future use of medications and diagnostics.