Ep. 19 – What NASH patients want from outside the healthcare system

What NASH patients want from outside the healthcare system
Patient advocates envision future digital technologies that can provide tremendous benefit to them and how government agencies provide support for better disease knowledge and care

The second part of the “What NASH patients want” series focuses on the future of healthcare apps and the role government agencies such as FDA, NIH, CMS, and EMEA can play in providing hope or increasing concern and anxiety based on their decisions and the consistency of their messages. In discussing apps, Fatty Liver Foundation President Wayne Eskridge, a trained electrical engineer, envisions a future when patients can receive continuous readings on key metrics using an implanted device that derives its power by burning the patient’s glucose or fat, while the other Surfers lend their own thoughts and perspectives. In discussing the government, GLI President & CEO Donna Cryer and Wayne Eskridge discuss the need for the government to take an integrated approach to liver health. Specific points of action include two proposed pieces of legislation( the Liver Illness Visibility Act ad the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act) and the idea that all the relevant institutes within NIH would work on an integrated plan for liver disease. Finally, the Surfers discuss the need for the FDA to act from a place of transparency and patient engagement, particularly around the risk: benefit ratio for new medicines. Again, the other Surfers ask questions and share ideas. The music from Jeff Ramsdale provides a fantastic exit note.

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