Digital ILC Day Two Highlights: A Fork in the Road – Ep 22

Day Two into EASL Digital ILC 2020

Drugs in development and diagnostics show promise but healthcare has far to go in identifying and treating patients in need.

Professor Vlad Ratziu joins the Surfers to discuss Day Two’s presentation. The day produced exciting presentations about drugs in development and suggestive findings of the role non-invasive tests and markers can play in predicting patient success. At the same time, other presentations focused on the challenges and opportunities involved in identifying and treating patients earlier in the course of the disease. The group explored issues in detail, leading to a longer conversation that was both thoughtful and rollicking. SPOILER ALERT: Four of the six Surfers made some form of reference to the Bible…

Today’s podcast is sponsored by Sonic Incytes Medical Corp., manufacturer of Velacur™. Velacur™ is the first handheld 3D liver health assessment tool that is fast, accurate, intelligent, and portable. A 25-minute discussion with George Aliphteras, CEO of Sonic Incytes and Dr. Michael Curry, lead author of poster FRI-050, which discusses Velacur, starts at 1:22:11 and runs ~26 minutes.

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