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Digital ILC Day Three Highlights: Late breakers, COVID and more – Ep 23

Day Three into EASL Digital ILC 2020

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SurfingNASH’s Digital ILC coverage ends with three late-breaking drug presentations, a discussion of EASL’s COVID efforts, and insights on patient management.

Professor Joern Schattenberg joins the Surfers to discuss the last day of Digital ILC. Donna Cryer and Roger Green praise the work EASL has done pulling together data and analysis on how #liverdisease affects #COVID19 treatment decisions and outcomes, while Louise Campbell discusses research-in-process and Stephen, Peter Traber and Prof. Dr. Jörn M. Schattenberg discuss two exciting drugs in development and combination therapy that teaches us lessons about underlying liver dysfunction. In the end, Donna discusses GLI’s “Beyond the Biopsy” initiative. This episode is knowledge-dense but entertaining… and totally a “can’t miss” episode!

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