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44.4 – 2020 Year In Review: How Patients and Patient Advocates reacted to a year of lows and high

Wayne Eskridge describes how hope fell and then rose as patients did not receive the drug approval they expected but then learned about exciting paths for new agents and non-invasive testing

Wayne Eskridge describes his excitement as 2020 ends, saying “The quality of the work that’s being done overall says that this is a far more tractable problem than we thought it was a couple of years ago. The level of sophistication that’s being applied was undreamed of by the profession five years ago. So I’m very, very confident that we’re going to see effective therapies,” before cautioning, “How many jumps we have to get past to get there, I don’t know.” His excitement centers around very positive Phase 2 trials for multiple drugs with innovative modes of action and major advances in research and acceptance of non-invasive tests.

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