43.2 2020 Year In Review: Emergence of Non-Invasive Tests and Testing Strategies in Fatty Liver Disease

Mazen Noureddin describes a year in which biopsy's shortcomings are revealed at the same time as non-invasive testing becomes better and produces more robust data

Mazen Noureddin discusses the simultaneous loss of faith in biopsy as the clinical “Gold Standard” and the emergence of non-invasive tests that can become the standard and replace biopsy for three pivotal diagnostic needs:

1. Identifying patients at risk, those with fibrosis levels equal to or higher than F2
2. Identifying patients who can serve as targets for clinical trial, which usually means they have NASH levels or at least N4 along with fibrosis greater than or equal to F2
3. Monitoring therapeutic responsiveness in both sets of patients over time without the need for serial biopsy.

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