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2020 Year-End NASH Review 2: Patient Treatment and Perspectives

Guests Ian Rowe, Joern Schattenberg and Wayne Eskridge join the Surfers to discuss key lessons learned in 2020 about Patient Treatment and Perspectives

Ian Rowe, Joern Schattenberg and Wayne Eskridge join the Surfers to explore some of the key lessons learned and issues uncovered in 2020. Ian Rowe discusses what population-level research in Leeds, UK, tells us about the benefits a streamlined liver testing model can yield not only in terms of better, faster diagnoses but also cost savings and improvement in patient satisfaction. Joern Schattenberg considers the implications when German mass media raises issues of Fatty Liver Disease in holiday season news stories. Louise Campbell questions what a patient-supported push to change the disease nomenclature from NAFLD to MAFLD implies for the future, while Stephen Harrison describes the emerging effort to get the most accurate and clearest nomenclature possible. Finally, Wayne Eskridge provides his perspective as patient and patient advocate on a year full of both happy surprises and disappointments and he finds himself surprised to be more optimistic at the end of 2020 than at the beginning.

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